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Camp Grayling Range Report & Firing Schedule (October 12-17, 2021)

October 12 - October 17

GRAYLING, MI. – The Columbus Day holiday provided a nice break for federal employees and service members. The extended weekend is always appreciated, but the training continues starting on Tuesday, as Michigan National Guard units descend on Camp Grayling. The required military training is being conducted by a couple Michigan units, notably, the 1/125 Infantry and the 156 Signal Battalions. Both units, along with law enforcement will be on site during through the week.

Range activity this week starts slowly and increases for the weekend. The Range 40 Complex, located between Crawford Co. HWY- 612 and Marlette Road, has A-10 aerial gunnery Tuesday through Thursday evening. At the weeks end .50 caliber gunnery on Ranges 35 and 45 require road closures for civilian traffic east of the range 30 complex from Stephan bridge road to Wakeley bridge road, and also closures southeast of Range 40 Complex.

This week on South Camp, live fire activity includes small arms fire at many of the ranges located adjacent to Howe and Murphy roads. These small arms ranges create a semi-circle around the Hanson Game Preserve west of Lake Margarethe. This big wetland is full of norther white cedar, white & black spruce, and balsam fir. The thermal protection provided by these coniferous species during winter is highly important to the health of Michigan’s white-tail deer population. The wetlands also acts as a big filter keeping the ground waters clear as the water circulates from precipitation, lakes, and streams.

Other training events occurring on post include law enforcement drivers training and police K-9 units. The driving skills taught at Camp Grayling add to the officers’ abilities in preventing collisions and keeping the public roadways safe. The special police dog, K-9 units also improve their skills as a team in keeping the public safe. Each handler and their dog work together in combating crime, as they have the ability to sniff out drugs, explosives, or locate humans that have gone missing. The training days are long and sometimes arduous, but the work is an important part of the job.

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